In honoring ceremony "Business - Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises held in Hanoi, I had the opportunity to interview entrepreneurs Duong Ngoc Phat - General Director of Trade Limited Company - Services - Play construction Association, one of the typical entrepreneur has achieved many successes in production and trading.

Reporter: Sir, in the context of the difficulties of the economy, Hiep Phat survive and grow in years like?
Mr. Duong Ngoc Phat: We can say the economic crisis of 2008 and 2010 has led to thousands of construction companies fall into the tottering situation, bankruptcy due to lack of investment, market demand slump in. We are supply units, power system construction (M & E), civil and industrial fire protection is not an exception. However, with acumen, determination of the leadership, along closely the tireless staff, employees and, above all, trust, love of the majority of customers have helped Hiep Phat we built strong to overcome a difficult period, confirmed its position in the marketplace. The company has teamed up with partners such as Taiwan's Formosa Group, Taiwan Vinh Phu Corporation, Company Engineering Weichen Taiwan, Korea Posco, the Company POUYUEN Vietnam ... and many companies, factories factories, industrial parks, cottage industries nationwide. Currently, in addition to its headquarters in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, the company has formed another 2 branches in Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai and Vung Ang Economic Zone - Ha Tinh, where most dynamically developing country today.

Reporter: It is reported that many large corporations are regular partners of the Company. So what attracted them to the Hiep Phat?
Mr. Duong Ngoc Phat: We think that the word "Faith", this is the first objective of the Company in recent years. The word "Trust" in any circumstances though always remains the same value. The Furthermore, the "professional - Quality - Sustainability" is the goals that the Board of directors the company always towards.

Reporter: The project is to construct power plant projects Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Complex appears to be a good sign for the future of the Development Agreement. He thought about this problem?
Mr. Duong Ngoc Phat: Project power plant projects Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Complex is considered as a super project. Fortunately for Hiep Phat, we have worked with Dong Nai Formosa from the beginning of time until completion, 12 years ago. As you know, to become a trusted partner for Formosa is not Vietnam any company can do it, even for corporations, large companies. So Hiep Phat is the direct partner, not only reliable but also more Formosa other large corporations, all based on the prowess of his own.


National Assembly Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu presents a souvenir to the Director General Duong Ngoc Phat  

Reporter: Can you indicate the reaping of Hiep Phat established for over 12 years so far?
Mr. Duong Ngoc Phat: After 12 years of construction and development, the Company Trade - Services - Construction Hiep Phat has been growing really confirms the brand and its position in the field of supply and construction of electrical systems (M & E), civil and industrial fire protection not only in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, but also extends to other provinces across the country. A continuous journey constantly developing, the company and personally I have achieved many significant accomplishments with the prestigious award, such as "Top Brand - Top Brands in 2014", "Entrepreneur - Business ASEAN industrial excellence 2014 "," business, business for the cause of economic development "... in particular, the last 30/01 days, our company made the Top excellence typical enterprise identity the "entrepreneur Center - Resources - Tri - Dung" and I personally also honored to represent the business community and entrepreneurs across the country have had a speech at a meeting with National Assembly Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu at ONA.

Reporter: As an honor to receive the title of "Entrepreneur - Business in 2014", further back is one of the typical entrepreneur is received by President Truong Tan Sang, what he sent a message to the Vietnam entrepreneurs today?
Mr. Duong Ngoc Phat: The country is changing ever more powerful. Vietnam entrepreneurs actually become the soldiers on the economic front continued heroic pages in the struggle for national construction. I think businesses, entrepreneurs get rich not because of their individual, as a single enterprise, but also for the greater purpose, that is, ethnic pride. When officially entered into the world economic integration, every business needs to create a corporate culture tradition, in which all elements converge: economic, social, environmental clean - green and humanities stylized, creating social consensus. Especially universal consciousness entrepreneurial spirit enriched and respected environment, thereby creating business practices established tradition of business people of Vietnam; at the same time, the need to build an ideology to young people with the desire to become entrepreneurs contribute intellectual and material resources to enrich the country and enrich themselves.

Reporter: Thank you for this interview!
Thu Huyen (done)

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