COMPANY DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT Pte Ltd was established in 2002 in Vietnam. After several years in operation, Hiep Phat constantly improve credibility, quality and service while offering customers quick solution - safety - efficiency in supply and construction of electrical systems, civil and industrial fire protection (M & E).

Installations M & E systems - fire protection Nilon yarn factory in Nhon Trach district
With the right leadership paths together with staff - professional staff and enthusiastic, Hiep Phat is one of the typical companies across the country, achieved much success while constantly signed with many large-scale projects not only in the region but also to reach national stature such as:
        Binh Chanh Group POUYUEN Tp.hcm
        Hung Nghiep Formosa Group Nhon Trach concurrent Nai
        Formosa Iron and Steel Group Qilian British OMT - Ha Tinh
        Phu Vinh Industrial Zone Signs Qilian England - Ha Tinh
      Vung Ang Industrial Zone Signs Qilian England - Ha Tinh
Project currently under construction power plant projects Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Complex, and several projects in 2015.
Currently, the company has extended business network it has established additional branches in Nhon Trach, Dong Nai and the United Kingdom, Ha Tinh.

Besides, Hiep Phat also proud to be the official distributor of BOSCH, and SKILL corporation, specialized in supplying all kinds of hand tools in service construction, woodworking, shipbuilding, sculpture and industries other manufacturing, application of advanced science and technology in the construction process in order to improve efficiency and minimize production costs.
Mr. Duong Ngoc Phat - Chairman, CEO said, throughout the course of 12 years of construction and development (from 2002 to 2014), Hiep Phat has gone through many difficulties, facing a row with two economic crises (2008, 2010), thousands of construction companies fall into the tottering situation, bankruptcy due to lack of investment, market demand serious decline, Hiep Phat is no exception . However, with acumen, determination of the leadership, along closely the tireless team of staff and above all trust, love of the majority of travelers helped Builders Association play strong to overcome a difficult period, confirmed its position in the marketplace.

Through every stage of the crisis is also an opportunity to try resistance to the economy, is conditional away the failing company and honor the unit, leading brand, with bravery and prestige. According winning streak, Hiep Phat has expanded the scale across the region, from north to south, the contribution of Hiep Phat was finally levels the central departments and local recognition with awards :
        2008 Certificate of Merit of the HCMC Tax Department Director,
        2012 Certificate of Merit of the Department of HCM City Department of Taxation Director
       The title "The brand is trusted by customers - CONSUMER CHOICE BRAND" in 2014 by the Intellectual Property Association of Ho Chi Minh City awarded.
        The title "Top brands - TOP BRANDS" in 2014 by the Institute of Economic Research - Scientific Unions Southern urban economy certification.
        The title "Cultural Entrepreneur Phu Dong Thien Vuong - typical Top excellence" in 2014 by the cultural center Certified Entrepreneur Vietnam.
        The title "Business, business for the cause of economic development" in 2014 by the Vietnam Communist Party newspaper awarded.
        The title "Entrepreneur worthy of Uncle Ho's soldiers in the program honored qung new frontline, first in 2014"
        The title "Entrepreneur of goodwill Ho Chi Minh era" by traditional Annamite Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Trail certification
        The title of "Excellent Enterprise Business receiver's ASEAN ASEAN 2014- Excellent Enterprise & Businessman"
Along numerous awards, honors and other noble ...

Dormitory for workers in Dong Nai Hung Nghiep Formosa was completed in 2005
This is the motivation conviction tremendous Construction Company Limited Hiep Phat Trading Services, the strategy the coming years, the company is increasingly determined to assert the brand with the aim of "Professionalism - Quality - Sustainability" forward want long-term business cooperation, development and sustainability. On the occasion of New Year 2015 spring and Tet Lunar Hare, on behalf of the board of directors, officers and employees of the company, would like to congratulate and prosperous New Year to all of you and the hotel industry agencies throughout the country have been accompanying the development of Hiep Phat particular and the national economy in general.
Sincerely thank.

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