Formosa, from 'skepticism' to the ship in the distance

Over a decade of construction and development, Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Co., Ltd (FHS) has made long strides and achieved unexpected successes.


Night pictures of Hung Nghiep Formosa Iron and Steel Factory in Ha Tinh

FHS deserves to be the "tractor" of the socio-economic economy of Ha Tinh province in particular and is one of the bright spots in investment attraction of the country.

With the investment capital of 12,787 billion USD, the project of Iron and Steel Factory and Son Duong Port of FHS has a total area of 3,318 hectares, of which the land area is 2,025 hectares and water surface area is 1,293 hectares.

One corner of the Steel Mill

Up to now, FHS has completed construction of phase 1 items including a steel plant with 2 blast furnaces with an output of 7 million tons / year of liquid iron; seaport has 11 berths with cargo handling volume of 28 million tons / year; The thermal power plant has a generator set with an installed capacity of 650 MW.

Conveyor system operating at the blast furnace area

In 2020, FHS's billet output will reach 5.85 million tons

Over a decade of construction and development, Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Co., Ltd has always made a great contribution to the provincial economy, especially in budget collection, job creation and security activities. social birth.

Hung Nghiep Formosa Ha Tinh Iron and Steel Co., Ltd administrative area

Currently, the number of FHS's staff is 7,031 (6,388 Vietnamese people, of which labors from Ha Tinh make up 76%). Contractor's employees are about 3,200 people.

The close-up factories working together make the image of the factory glow like a big city on Ha Tinh land

After 2 blast furnaces came into operation, the production capacity of FHS has been raised to new heights. Accordingly, in 2020, FHS's steel billet output will reach 5.85 million tons, consume 5.9 million tons of steel products, revenue $ 2.9 billion and pay tax of $ 440 million (including temporary tax payment. contractor 260 million USD).

Night-time working atmosphere in the steel mill

The seaport system welcomes about 1,200 ships with the loading and unloading of 24 million tons, the total electricity output of 4.7 million MWh (photo: Newspaper Ha Tinh)

Since the project's construction, FHS has always created job opportunities not only for Ha Tinh's children but also many provinces across the country, periodically visiting and exchanging, actively participating in school building activities. community center, rescue and rescue, awarding scholarships ... Up to now, funding for implementing social activities is about 4.7 million USD.

FHS đóng góp to lớn vào quá trình phát triển kinh tế của Hà Tĩnh.

In 2021, FHS strives for steel billet output of 6.5 million tons, consumption of 6.5 million tons of finished steel products, revenue of about 3.7 billion USD, an increase of 28% compared to 2020, paying taxes of about 240. million dollars.

FHS also plans to expand production with the goal of building an auxiliary processing area in the iron and steel industry chain of Ha Tinh and a bottom rotary kiln for economic circulation with an estimated investment capital of 180 million USD. Thus, the total investment capital of the project is 13 billion USD.

During the recent working visit (January 2021), Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Hoang Trung Dung highly appreciated FHS for paying and paying the budget and creating jobs for employees. In particular, in 2020, despite the impact of the Covid-19 translation, the company has accomplished its dual goal well. That is, both effective production and business measures, while preventing epidemics. .

Housing and working area of officials, employees and workers

“The thorough fix of 53/53 environmental errors shows that the company has paid great attention to the direction of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment and Ha Tinh Province in environmental and environmental protection. Besides, the company also contributes greatly to social security activities in the province ”- Secretary of the Ha Tinh Provincial Party Committee Hoang Trung Dung affirmed.

2 years ago, Speaking at the Conference to summarize the activities of the Steering Committee on solutions to stabilize life, production and business for people in 4 central provinces affected by environmental incidents, Deputy Thu General Trinh Dinh Dung affirmed, the incident is an expensive lesson for not only Ha Tinh and Formosa.

Formosa Company went into production, strictly complied with the requirements of ensuring environmental safety, while still creating new products, creating jobs for workers.

Cleaning workers work at the administrative center campus

Entering 2021 before FHS's investment expansion plan with the main goal of building auxiliary processing zones in the steel industry and bottom rotary kilns for economic circulation. With the company's problems, the province will direct related departments, agencies to complete the documents and submit them to the competent authorities for consideration ”, emphasized the Secretary of Provincial Party Committee Hoang Trung Dung.

A green, clean, beautiful and safe environment is a condition for Formosa Ha Tinh to continue making great strides in the coming time

Currently, FHS is focusing on speeding up the completion of the auxiliary processing area, strengthening links to boost ash consumption, ensure the environment, research to build more blast furnaces, increase production capacity. At the same time, continuing social activities, including building a community house to avoid floods and helping Ky Anh TX in investing in building more public works ...

In early 2021, through the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, FHS donated VND 500 million to the program "Tet for the poor - Xuan Tan Suu 2021" (Photo: Ha Tinh Newspaper)

As the largest closed iron and steel factory in Southeast Asia up to now, Formosa Ha Tinh is continuing to promote its leading role in not only Ha Tinh's production development but also the region. At the same time, together with local businesses, they continue to create jobs for tens of thousands of workers, leading to strong development in the business and service sectors of the country.

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